In order to proceed with your order, please follow the steps detailed in the “how to help” section below.

For your information

  • The photos will be printed in standard A3 or square format depending on the original format.;
  • The price of each picture is 50 euros
  • The price of each batch of 5 postcards is 15 euros;
  • The delivery fee is 5 euros (in Belgium) and 15 euros (in Europe).

For special orders, please contact us by email.

Make a donation

If you do not want to buy photos but still would like to participate in the Beirut Beitna project, it is possible to make a donation via the GoFundMe link above.

Direct donations will go to the same local initiatives as those collected for the photos.

Many thanks !


Go to our Galleries tab. Browse through each theme and choose your favorite picture(s) by selecting its/their name(s).


Via the contact form below, indicate the title(s), the number of copies desired and the delivery address.


Once the order form has been sent, you will receive an email from Beirut Beitna indicating the account number on which to pay the amount of your order. Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any additional questions!


At the time of payment, mention your name and the title of the picture in communication. Then send us your proof of payment by email.


You will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your order.

Order form

Indicate the title(s), the number of copies desired and the delivery address. Do not hesitate to ask us any further questions!

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