The Project

The context : Beyrouth explodes then implodes

Beirut Beitna, Beyrouth our home.

The name and purpose of this project seemed obvious to us in the wake of the disastrous explosion of August 4th, 2020, which killed more than 200, injured 7000, and fully or partially destroyed the house of 300,000 people in Beirut.

Since 2019, the country has faced a series of unrelenting successive and compounding crises. But despite an economic recession considered one of the most severe and acute of our era and which pushed more than 80% of the population into poverty, the country is striving to hold on (ou bien, is striving to subsist. Comme tu ve) against all odds. 

Beirut Beitna’s core mission is to directly support affected households and local organizations that provide food as well as financial, medical, and psychological assistance to families in Lebanon. Our beneficiaries are all victims of the explosion, and more broadly the ever-worsening political and socio economic crises that have beset the country for more than three years. This aid is vital in a country where the state is not only unable to offer support but is directly responsible for the misery of its people. This support is our modest way of giving back to a country and a people that welcomed us with open arms.

How to help from where you are?

In order to support initiatives in Lebanon, we are promoting photography prints, postcards, t-shirts and posters from our shared memories while promoting the journalistic et artistic work of Lebanese and people living or who have lived in the country.

Find our photographs throughout this website’s themes: Life in Beirut, Forgotten Heritage, Octobre Revolution, Faces and Landscapes of Lebanon, and others.


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Magali de Biolley, Lara Piette, Mathilde de Kerchove, Lara Leclercq, Adrienne Hurtut, Sarah Bourgois, Claire Ataya, Clément Gibon et Noé de Bellaigue. 



This project could not have started without all the people who allowed us to develop the photos, produce the postcards, and build our website.

For this, we would like to thank in particular:

  • Labo Linea for the development of our pictures and portraits
  • Impressor Ariane by Image Services SA for the production of our postcard batches
  • Marco de Biolley for the creation and the design of our website.


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