The Project

The context: Beirut explodes then implodes

Beirut Beitna, Beirut our home.

That is how we decided to call this project that seemed obvious to us in the aftermath of the August 4th explosion that killed more than 180 Lebanese, injured 6,500 inhabitants and destroyed the roofs of 300,000 Beirut residents.

This disaster highlighted the Lebanese government’sinability to meet the needs of its population already on the brink of the abyss. Indeed, it comes in the context of a major economic crisis that has pushed more than half of the Lebanese below the poverty line in a few months. These events are however only the visible part of the iceberg. They are the consequences of much deeper structural dysfunctions, and of the disastrous management of a country essentially based onthe corruption and opportunism of its leaders.

Once again, the Lebanese population needs more than ever two things: financial support and messengers from all over the world.


How to help, from where you are?

The project Beirut Beitna supports citizen’s initiatives which are booming in the capital, and fighting every day to rebuild a better Lebanon. It is by telling you about the Beirut we have known that we would like to raise funds and support these initiatives.

In order to support them we are promoting photography prints and postcards images from our shared memories while sharing the journalistic work from some three of us.

Adrienne – photographer, projet coordinator in a local NGO in Lebanon, relay point on the field and true animal lover.

Noé – freelance photojournalist based in Beirut. She has notably written articles for l’Orient Le Jour and et Magazine Mensuel au Liban.

Mathilde – independent journalist based in Brussels. She completed an internship in the editorial staff of the Lebanese newspaper l’Orient-Le-Jour in 2017.

You can find their pictures in the different galeries on the website ; Life in Beirut, Forgotten Heritage, October Revolution, Faces from Lebanon and Postcards.

Enjoy your visit!






This project could not have started without all the people who allow us to develop your photos, produce your postcards, and build the image of this initiative, our website.

For this, we would like to thank in particular:

  • Labo Linea for the development of our pictures and portraits
  • Impressor Ariane by Image Services SA for the production of our postcard batches
  • Marco de Biolley for the creation and the design of our website.


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