Where will funds collected go to?

The funds raised by the sale of our photographs and by our crowdfunding are intended to support the Lebanese people directly, via a daily analysis of the most pressing needs. Because these needs are evolving over time, it is unfortunately impossible for us to anticipate precisely the associations and NGOs to which the funds will be allocated. However, in order to ensure the transparency of our operations, we are committed to keeping our donors and buyers informed via e-mail. Moreover, these funds will be transferred exclusively to :

  • Non-governmental, civil society and/or humanitarian actors
  • Providing assistance to people regardless of their political, religious or sexual identity
  • Reliable and trustworthy in terms of transparency and real impact in the field

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Starting December 2020 and since then we have distributed funds to :

3 citizen initiatives
@nationstation__ is a community initiative distributing daily food, medicine and basic needs to inhabitants of its surrounding neighborhoods.

@beirutheritageinitiative works on restoring Beirut’s heritage buildings damaged by the blast.
@basecampbeirut reunites organisations that are active in rebuilding homes, giving medical support, psychosocial activities amongst other projects.

Today, more than 40 families were financially supported

Thanks to your participation we were able to support them in times of crises. Their needs ? Reconstruction, food, financial support for rent and electricity. The blast only made the situation worst and many people lost their work because of factories, restaurants and other establishments closing down.

2020 and the blast left scars that pain to heal. More than 2 years after, your contribution is still more than needed. THANK YOU !

Money Raised

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